The Program

CyberWYZ’s unique methodology is designed to build successful, fundable
cyber security startups



We have re-invented the idea of co-founding. Co-founding goes beyond conventional “accelerator” and “incubator” programs to give you both the support and the commitment you need in order to significantly increase the value of your startup. As co-founders of your company, we will be involved in every aspect of your venture and do what it takes to ensure that it reaches its full potential in every respect.

From the kick off, with a clear strategy and total focus, we will take your idea through our proven methodology and carefully prepare it for funding. By the end of the process, your venture will have all of the deliverables it needs to gain its first significant funding and climb all the way to the top.

The duration of the CyberWYZ Cyber Security Program is eight months. It is an in-depth program with standard and customized modules in every field. Members of the program will benefit from daily interaction with CyberWYZ experts to ensure thorough preparation across all disciplines.


Extensive Start-up Expertise

Our team of leading cyber security industry experts covers all the necessary disciplines for a successful startup. Together we have more than 120 years of collective experience in cyber security, and other high-tech fields, as well as in legal, finance and venture capital. Learn more about our team.

The CyberWYZ program increases the value of start-up companies with knowledge, experience and connections. You will participate in a detailed, methodological, hands-on training program that includes the full range of disciplines required to take a startup from the idea stage, to the product stage through raising initial significant capital.

The program covers: Strategy, management, corporate structure, sales, HR, marketing, product development, finance and accounting, competition, industry analysis, operations, channels, funding, and legal. The methodology transforms any great cyber security product idea into a successful, fundable international company.

Hands-on Guidance

Hands-on Support for the Entire Venture

Once we have mapped out your customized program, daily interaction with CyberWYZ professionals will keep you on track to establish the strongest foundations for beginning the funding process.

We mean business! For an idea to translate into a winning company with a high valuation, a lot of behind-the scenes legwork and preparation must be completed. CyberWYZ will free you up to develop the all-important idea and remain focused, while we work both on-stage and behind the scenes to ensure that you are prepared for every opportunity arises – and to push you on to ever greater ones.

The program partners take an active role in training and support at every stage. Our regular working sessions will ensure that:

  • You are able to focus on what’s important, and pare down what you don’t need, without getting emotionally attached
  • After considering all factors, you can determine just the right moment to launch
  • No more obsessing over fundraising – it’s the means – not the end. ARRGHHH - Investor relations!
  • You are not agonizing over the small stuff
  • You aren’t getting distracted to the point of not being able to see the greater vision
  • You are hearing your customers and potential customers
  • You are not jumping into decisions – possibly from lack of time
  • You are not struggling to maintain relationships


The Deliverables You Need to Guarantee Results

The CyberWYZ program will turn a promising cyber security idea or product into a successful, fundable cyber security company. Your startup will be prepared, on every front, to proceed with initial funding applications. Every module in the program has clear deliverables and accompanying documentation.

The result will be high-quality, organized, targeted, and well-managed venture that has paying customers. The ability to demonstrate these significant milestones is the key to enhancing the valuation of the company and reaching the primary investment stage. Deliverables include:

  • Products and solutions: From a technology review, through roadmap development, usability testing and a beta plan
  • Corporate and legal: Company structure through IP strategy, agreements and contracts
  • Management: Team building, HR policies, Board of Directors and Advisors
  • Sales strategy and pipeline: Development of a revenue model, go-to-market strategy, strategic customer introductions, channels
  • Marketing: Positioning and messaging, launch planning, PR/AR, presentation skills
  • Finance: P&L, forecasts, tax advisory, exit planning
  • Chief Scientist: Evaluation, preparation and application when suitable
  • Investment: Identifying the right investors, introductions, negotiation, terms
Download the program guide to learn more about the CyberWYZ fast track program.

Graduate Program

The Business Development Graduate Program

Select graduates of the CyberWYZ program will receive continued support from senior members of the team, to take the company to the next level and secure:

  • Strategic customers – primarily international
  • Strategic investors
  • Strategic partners
After seed investment, new challenges emerge. The company is still immature and needs to grow rapidly based on investor requests as well as market factors. The management team needs to be reinforced and strengthened. The company needs support to create long-term value from customers, markets, and relationships and will also need to prepare for a series A round of funding.

CyberWYZ will make sure the company consistently maintains its mission. CyberWYZ's role as a business development partner is to constantly evaluate the best path for creating long-term value, using in-house resources or in partnership with others. The program involves the full spectrum of business development activities, from sourcing opportunities to evaluating their long-term potential, through execution.

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