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    We have re-invented the co-founding concept. We are more than mentors. We plan to be fully involved and collaborate in your venture to ensure that it reaches its full potential at all levels.

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CEO – What Is Your Leadership Style?

There are two ways to build a startup. One option is to raise funds in a respectable round, which includes a lot of risk. The alternative is to raise a small amount of money and, together with a small but very loyal team… bootstrap. ...


The Ambiguous Role of the Start-up COO

Today many entrepreneurs act as Chief Operating Officers in companies they have co-founded. As COO at a start-up where big titles don’t matter due to the small core of employees, it is important to clearly define everyone’s roles. ...


Focus on Strategic Customer-Partners in the Early Stages of your Startup

Is your venture only about profits? For a startup, increasing sales and building a  customer database is important, of course. The question is whether at the earliest stages, it should be your main priority. I believe that developing strategic customers (partners!) should be your top ...