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1. What are the main elements of CyberWYZ Co-Founding Program?

CyberWYZ maps a personalized co-founding program for your start up idea. The program includes up to 400 hours of individual knowledge transfer with CyberWYZ professionals who will keep you on track to establish strong foundations to support the funding process.
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Throughout the program, your startup will be prepared on every front to proceed with initial funding applications. Each module in the program has clear deliverables and accompanying documentation designed to achieve a high-quality, targeted and well-managed venture with paying customers.
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2. What are the differentiators between the CyberWYZ Co-founding program and other types of accelerators?

We are entering as co-founders. We are all in the same boat, taking the risk and enjoying the benefits.
The program is designed to significantly increase the valuation of every startup that graduates.
Our highly trained and professional team is marketing and sales oriented.
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We help manage every aspect of the business across disciplines.
We embrace a hands-on approach to individual knowledge transfer.
We offer an Advanced Graduate Business Development Program, that will take the new cyber company to the next strategic level.

3. What kind of involvement will CyberWYZ have after the program ends?

We offer an Advanced Graduate Business Development Program, that will take the cyber security company to the next strategic level.

4. What’s the monetary value of the program?

The Program’s value is approximately NIS 500,000. Ventures that are selected for the program will enjoy its benefits at no cost. The venture team will be expected to show a high level of dedication and commitment, and to fulfil all of the program milestones. The objective of our in-depth program is to increase the valuation of the venture.

5. Does the Program include funding?

The program does not include advanced funding. We believe that funding and knowledge go hand in hand. At the earliest stages, expertise and hands-on guidance are worth far more than money - they are the key to increasing the worth of the company and raising funds at the highest possible valuation. Our collaboration will enable you to raise strategic funds at the right point in the product lifecycle, by the conclusion of the program.

6. Will CyberWYZ take equity in startups that join the program?

Yes. As co-founders in the venture CyberWYZ will take a stake in the company. The equity will be determined upon evaluating the existing assets of the company and the expected time that CyeberWYZ partners will need to invest.

7. Does it cost money to participate in the CyberWYZ Co-Founding program?

Ventures that are selected for the program will enjoy its benefits at no cost. The Program’s nominal value is approximately NIS 500,000. Entrepreneurs that graduate from the CyberWYZ program will increase the value of their company by millions of dollars.

8. What is the selection process for acceptance to the CyberWYZ program?

We seek unique technologies, a simple way to solve a REAL market challenge; potential entrepreneurs with a spark, willing to invest their time, blood and sweat in building their dream.

9. Do you accept companies that are in competition with each other?

No. we will only accept one company per sub-category.

10. So… when there is a new cycle of the Program and how can I register?

Unlike other types of programs, there is no annual cycle for companies to join. Our program is uniquely tailored for each venture and we are constantly on the lookout for brilliant cyber security ventures

11. Can I apply if our company or founders are not from Israel?

For now we will support only Israeli cyber security startups.

12. Will it be possible to enjoy some office space as part of the CyberWYZ Program?

As part of our partnership with MATAF (FIBI), CyberWYZ start-ups have the possibility to use and share office space at FIBI’s facilities in Rishon Lezion.