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Are you Thinking of Working on a Cyber Security Idea?

Any idea what the success rates are? Recent research shows that 94% of cyber startups fail. And it's not because of lack of funding. More than 75% of startups that received VC funding from 2004 to 2010 didn’t make it – at all. Odds are, you won't be a Brin, a Zuckerberg, a Systrom or a Karp.

There are many reasons for failing; some are common and very fundamental.


You probably imagine that the main reasons are: the product is not that great or perhaps the CEO / co-founder is blocking the company's growth….. but no.

Most entrepreneurs fall in love with their own technology and will likely forget to check two main issues:

  • The market need and today's current pain points. Who, specifically, are the main potential customers?
  • Who are their primary competitors and what is better about your offering?

Whether you are new to the startup field, or you are a serial entrepreneur, don’t forget to address these points before establishing your company formally. If you and your co-founders cannot answer these questions, gather some tips from cyber experts who know the answers and avoid some of the most common, game-ending mistakes committed by young cyber startups.