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Don’t Lose Your Focus

Many cyber security startups have difficulty staying focused. Many inexperienced entrepreneurs push to develop a wide range of products (“to do this and to do that”). It is easy to get carried away. A bigger product is not necessarily a wiser product and is in no way a guarantee that the market will accept or appreciate the product.


Often the right move is to do just the opposite: you need to set a clear focus in your go-to-market strategy: your product and its uniqueness (even if it’s small), your audience, your strategy — these are all critical from the very first day.

The road is long – so you need to be focused on your daily routine as well. Completing “only” a few things each week may mean excellence, however trying to achieve the bucket list usually results in incomplete, mediocre output. Compromise is key.

Restrain the hundreds of new ideas that enter your mind on a daily basis. While some of these ideas may be good ones, we’ve learned that we need to edit our creativity and be sure not to waste energy when moving forward in order not to overwhelm ourselves and our employees. Everyone has limited time and resources, being focused and prioritizing is key to not wasting them.