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A short introduction to CyberWYZ and our partners

About CyberWYZ

CyberWYZ is a unique Co-founding Program for cyber security start-ups that transforms great ideas into successful companies. CyberWYZ selects promising cyber security concepts, and closely collaborates with founders from the proof of concept through business development, completing the milestones that are guaranteed to drive up valuation and culminate in the first significant funding.

CyberWYZ offices are located in Israel – the Cyber Nation.

CyberWYZ is an in-depth, hands-on program with impressive deliverables that prepare a young venture to meet every challenge and take advantage of every opportunity. The CyberWYZ team includes leading professionals from the cyber security field with over 200 years of collective experience across all disciplines, to ensure the venture has all of the skills needed to reach its full potential.

Our expert team

Cyber Monday

We dedicate the first Monday of every month to hear your pitch. Tell us more about yourself and the team. Share your vision and mission, describe the market opportunity you’ve identified, your solution and your ideas about how to make it happen.

How are you going to attack the market: Which group of customers will you target? How large do you estimate the potential market and how fast is it growing? Who are your main competitors? How do you see your business model? How will you generate sales? What is your pricing policy? What are the general costs of running your business, and when do you think you'll reach profitability?

Remember: Presenting your idea in a systematic way can speed up the process and start you out on the road to attracting the right investors.

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Our Partners

Our strategic partners include leading law, accounting and market research consulting firms that assist start-ups in the CyberWYZ program at every stage.

Our strategic partners

Social Responsibility

We believe in paying good forward. With our pro-bono program, we help young cyber companies that are not members of the CyberWYZ Program to avoid common mistakes. Many cyber start-ups get a poor ROI on the time and money they invest because they have not chosen the optimal path to achieving their goal. Through our pro bono Go-To-Strategy consulting for cyber security start-ups, we are happy to share our expertise and help them to develop a scalable Go-To-Market strategy.